Saturday, September 26, 2015

Thank you for using

We will be removing the following wallets on November 1st, 2015. Once removed, we will not be able to retrieve your funds. Please remove all coins ASAP. Note, that some of these coins have broken blockchains where we will not be able to send coins.

No exceptions will be made once the wallets are removed.

Symbol Coin Name 
16BIT 16bitcoin 
BOOM BoomCoin 
BTM Bitmark 
BUCKS GorillaBucks 
CAM CamorraCoin 
CHASH CleverHash 
CXC CheckOutCoin 
CYP Cypher 
DCC DarkCrave 
DOX DoxCoin 
EKN Elektron 
EPY Empyrean 
EQM Equalibrium 
EVENT EventToken 
GIZ GizmoCoin 
GPH GraphCoin 
GRID GridPay 
GSX GlowShares 
HAL Halcyon 
HAP Hashpay 
HUGE BigCoin 
LUX BitLux 
MNE Munne 
NANAS BananaBits 
PRE Premium 
QTZ Quartz 
RZR Razor 
SFR SaffronCoin 
SIGU Singular 
STV SativaCoin 
SYNC SyncCoin 
WATER CleanWaterCoin
XMS MegaStake 
ZRC ZiftrCoin 

If you have coins in these wallets, please remove them by that date. Coin retrieval after the removal date will not be possible. Thank you for your time and for trading at

Best regards,
Bittrex Team

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