Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bitshares Music Foundation + Peer Tracks + Sterling Coin

Bitcoin Rush publishes weekly crypto news shows, introducing new edge innovations to the public. All news is exciting, but there are always some outstanding developments, which I would like to give more attention. 
 is launching the Crypto Currencies' first dedicated Bitshares Music Blockchain. Here is a cutting edge P2P technology, taking your artistic career to another level. Their Blockchain is used to power various music and media websites, operating similar to iTunes. jumped on board already! With them you can create your own coin and sell it to your fans - a tempting investment into your own artistic career, generating capital into your pockets, incentivizing your fans to promote your music all over the world: all your fans can now financially benefit by sharing your music on all social media networks, blogs, forums etc. The crypto evolution is opening up a wide range of new possibilities and all it takes is stepping into a budding economy, which creates new jobs and gives financial power back to the people. What a great example to realize how much more is possible through programmable trust, eradicating third party intermediaries and taking advantage of instant transmission of funds. For the crypto-currency enthusiasts, focused on music and music production, this revolutionary concept is definitely very exciting. Crypto-currencies will boost up music commerce by having the advantage of small payments for downloadable content. Jump on board! Participation is key! 

I would also like to mention Sterling Coin. They are based in the UK and they just launched their digital currency this past September: a digital currency used to pay for goods and services. They made it clear from the beginning, that Sterling Coin is a decentralized financial system that is not controlled by a corporation, bank, or government.

Their coming was rapid, supporting Mac, Linux and Windows in one stroke, plus a paper wallet and tipping wallet. Sterling Coin has its own official mining pool, supported exclusively by Sterling Coin itself. Their strong development team has received the highest possible Proof of Developer ratings, giving Sterling Coin merchants and consumers confidence. They started out strong and it will be very exciting to see how Sterling Coin will manage their increasing merchant and consumer adaption, becoming a key player among many other promising developments. Their successful start was impressive. Will Sterling Coin become another bright star in the Crypto Evolution? Check them out:

Ladies and gentlemen, please stay tuned for weekly updates.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Crypto Currency Is Here To Stay

If only the world knew: Crypto currency is here to stay, a new gold has been released, and it is digital. I believe that. That's what I feel in my gut. My body tells me a lot when I simply pay attention.
This body is made of hundred trillion cells, completely decentralized and cooperative, no organ is trying to put its purpose onto the other. What we have instead is an abundant instant transmission of information. Self-interest is based on communal survival. Molecules and cells are the bases of biological life; we are decentralized beings by nature. Anything against this notion serves humanity in a counterproductive way.
Again and again, Evolutionary Biology proves to us that decentralized systems are a wonderful place to be, living in peaceful cooperation. Like ancient bacteria for example: they coexisted for two billion years on earth. Six to ten thousand year old cities have been excavated with no defensive walls having been found: a complete cooperative design for a peaceful community. And let’s not forget that these types of societal structures support less energy consumption.

Life is really a decentralized open system; it gets rid of waste all the time for it's own survival. Crypto- currency is no different. The current financial system has been stagnating for the last 35 years. Decentralized information like Crypto-currency is speeding around the globe seamlessly and without borders, now it's time to move on, rediscovering the ancient wisdom of true communal living. Today, the trance state of kingship is crashing its dark wings. No borders can ever prevail the decentralized digital light. Cryptographic technology brings us programmable trust. A free economy has been born. Welcome to the world of cooperation!  Bitcoin Rush cannot be happier to be part of this amazing community, a true hundred trillion cells experience, indeed.

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