Tuesday, September 22, 2015

San Francisco, September, 22nd 2015

Stampery has been chosen to participate to the main Tech event in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, the “Tech Crunch Disrupt” Battlefield.

“We are very proud to be able to launch Stampery, the XXIst century’s notary, in the US in
such a prestigious event. Stampery solves data certification problems, let them be documents
emails, contracts, creations etc.. with a technology developed on the bitcoin blockchain
protocol, one of the most advanced technology today” says Luis Ivan Cuende, startup co founder and CTO.

Stampery allows individuals and companies to certify any type of data generating accurate, reliable and immutable proofs of existence, integrity and ownership. The product is a HTML5 service, a native iOS app will be launched shortly, and an API. Anyone can access, register and use the service for free, and Premium customers have access to the PRO plan at 9,99 euro a month that enable them to certify up to 1.000 documents per month. Larger companies have tailored plans per users and certificates.

The first users teststing the service, currently over 700, principally in legal departments, creative economy, marketing and creative agencies, are able to use the platform as a certification base or use the storage service offered in each plan.
“The bitcoin/blockchain as of today is regarded like the internet was regarded in the 90’s, with 
great potential. Our product is a non financial bitcoin application because it uses its 
extraordinary features to generate reliable and unforgeable proof of anything that
has occurred and that has generated a digital register. The proof of existence
integrity and ownership that Stampery generates is valid globally, unchangeable, and can be
verified by any independent third party in a question of seconds. This is revolutionary because today maths and not trust in a central authority allows us to verify that something has 
occurred in a certain moment in time. Because of its decentralized characteristics, the 
blockchain is completely safe being protected by the most powerful network of computers in the
world” explains Daniele Levi, the company CEO.

Stampery has developed a unique technology for scalability that is in the process of 
an international patent. This will permit millions of certifications per second.

“Our original scalability solution - says Luis Ivan, 19 years old, and one of the most recognised
hackers in Europe - allows us to be extremely ambitious and to integrate Stampery’s 
functionality with hundreds of other services, like for example with Dropbox who already has
400 million users”

The team that created Stampery is now on their third project in the bitcoin/blockchain
field, and they have been selected amongst more than 1.000 startups to be presented in 
San Francisco´s TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield. A beta of the product was launched in May this year, and has participated in the 
international intensive acceleration programme Menorca Millennials in its first edition. 

“Thanks to Menorca Millennials we have had made some incredible contacts - Daniele 
says - and this is bringing forward new interesting business. With Menorca Millennials a new 
model, very innovative, open to the world is being created, it puts together international talent
with mentors on the highest levels and investors from all over the world.”

TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco (http://disrupt.techcrunch.com), was celebrated from the
21st to the 23rd of September 2015. TechCrunch Disrupt brings together more than 1,500
first level innovative tech and investors, as well as 150 startups, The format envisages 
conferences by top entrepreneurs and important figures that are creating the development
of emerging startups. Startup Battlefield is celebrated in the afternoons, 30 innovative 
companies, one of them being Stampery, are presented for the first time, competing over --
50.000 USD, exhibiting their capabilities along with another 120 startups in the Startup Alley.

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