Sunday, September 6, 2015

Join PICISI community

Crowdfunding from Aug 31 to Sept 15 to fund construction of our innovative  crowdfunding site. Buy Pi (NUMUS) with any currency.  

1) we are currently in the process of doing a crowdfunding (CF) campaign to raise funds to construct our crowdfunding site.  You can learn more about the campaign here:…

2) PICISI started as a direct result of problems experienced by a cryptocurrency (CC) community conducting  a CF campaign at indiegogo.  Indiegogo didn't accept CC, didn't provide adequate exposure of the campaign, and was less than hospitable overall.

3) PICISI is a crowdfunding plan, and a project, that will be a site in about 15 days. Depending on the amount of funds we raise for site construction it will either be what we designed or some generic CF site until we are able to afford the custom site.   The PICISI plan calls for the following:

a)  crowdfunding site that accepts fiat and cryptocurrency
b)  lots of sponsors, mainly cryptocurrency communities however could be other entities as well.  There are essentially 10 different sponsorship opportunities: host currency sponsors, perk sponsors, video sponsor, ...  
c)  promotion contractors, these are self-employed people from all over the world that do PICISI assignments satisfactorily and are paid with Pi (NUMUS).
d)  campaign contractors, these are self-employed people who work for individual campaign organizers while PICISI escrows funds,  work could be from create, develop, or promote campaign.
e)  PICISI issued currency, Pi (currency code NUMUS) is what PICISI used to pay Admins, promotion contractors, and and anyone else.  Fiat earnings are used to "rebuy" Pi on the open market, when this is done funds are usually purchased at a higher rate than they were issued. The currency is expected to be really strong because the rebuy plan removes currency from the commodity market and uses it primarily as a currency.
We hope to attach a debit card to it at some time.

Every campaign that is approved to run a campaign at PICISI is guaranteed to receive some funding, some sponsorship, and some publicity -- no one walks away with nothing.

It's a very complex plan that requires a strong community as well as a strong admin.

Once PICISI is up and running contractors from all over the world would be able to raise funds for inventions, startups, and ideas, and Promotion Contractors from all over the world would be able to promote PICISI, PiCISI sponsors, and PICISI campaigns to earn Pi.  Fiat earnings from PICISI will buy PI and so on.  The only time PICISI sells Pi is for major expenditures eg: startup costs, and international operational licenses.


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