Wednesday, September 30, 2015 Releases Skeleton Exchange Tool for In-site Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Websites owners can now offer buy/sell option to users straight from their site

SWITZERLAND (09/30/2015) has released the ShapeShift Skeleton tool, enabling any website to allow instant purchase or sale of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. The tool allows for exchanges to be made by a site’s users without them leaving the site.
Skeleton’s code is free and open-source and offers a template that is customizable, giving integrators the ability to brand the tool with their own assets and colors., a market data website, used Skeleton to let users buy leading cryptocurrencies directly from its list of coins on the homepage. See this example here.
All information needed to utilize Skeleton can be found on the GitHub link: adds Skeleton to a suite of innovative tools that includes the Shifty Button, a merchant processing widget, and the Lens Plugin, a web extension enabling leading cryptocurrencies to be paid to any Bitcoin address on a webpage.
For more information on how the ShapeShift Skeleton tool works, watch the short demo video here.
ShapeShift is how digital currency exchange should work. From start to finish users can convert digital currencies in seconds, with no account required. No emails or passwords. No lengthy sign­up process. No accounts. No friction. ShapeShift's goal is to be the fastest, safest, and most convenient way to trade digital assets. See more at:


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