Friday, December 11, 2015

Discover How OBITS Will Help You Make More Money While Changing the World of Finance as We Know it. 
Presented by CCEDK 
In this short presentation, you will discover how CCEDK, the Denmark based cryptocurrency exchange founded by Ronny Boesing, is going to change the landscape of finance and how you can profit from it. 
The core of our philosophy is that profits should be shared with the end users of our platform and this is why we’ve created OBITS. OBITS is a token of appreciation backed by the profits of multiple streams of income ranging from the exchange business to innovative applications of blockchain technology. 
We will first have a quick overview of what is backing the value of OBITS and then we will explore how OBITS will work for you 24h/day, 7 days a week and appreciate over time. 
CCEDK – Crypto Currency Exchange Differentiating Features of CCEDK: 
 †Instant order - BTC to fiat base with a flat 3% fee exchange matter the size of transaction. (not depending on market depth.)
 †Worlds only real Bitcoin debit card NanoCard where funds are spent only when card is used and directly from your wallet on exchange. Instantly to limit volatility and unlike prepaid cards a great tool in times where Bitcoin rise in price.
 †Exchange allowing anonymous trading, as well as exchange of crypto to and from fiat in which case KYC procedures apply.
 †Instant order fiat deposits options available with Euro based OBT and international with Payeer. SEPA, Swift and wire transfer available using multi currency account, thereby accepting multiple currencies converted to usd, Eur or cny
 †14+ altcoins available and +50 trading pairs.
Please answer this question:
What % of the profits of CCEDK will go toward backing OBITS? - World’s First Decentralized Exchange 
Differentiating Features of OpenLedger: 
 †Ultimate security of funds. You control your private keys.
 †Advanced market operations including but not limited to trading (long and short),
prediction markets, bond markets and p2p lending.
 †Transaction speed approaching the NASDAQ or any other centralized exchange.
 †Users can refer other users and receive a percentage of all future transactions fees...forever!
Please answer this question:
What % of the profits of OpenLedger will go toward backing OBITS? – TipBot for the Sharing Economy is a powerful marketing tool currently in open BETA. It allows forum moderators, gaming enthusiasts, social media influencers and grass root communities to tip one another and to create their own “micro-economy”. They can do so using OpenLedger native cryptocurrencies (BTC,USD,CNY,etc) or create their own community centered tokens. will have multiple streams of income connected to it, including but not limited to referral income via OpenLedger, advertising, transaction fees, etc.
Differentiating Features of
 †Self promoting feature. By the very fact of using the service, users are promoting it.
 †Sustainable business model. Cost of operations is very low and the upside potential is
very high.
 †Will support multiple platforms such as email, social, forums, etc.
Please answer this question:
What % of the profits of will go toward backing OBITS?
How OBITS Appreciate in Value Over Time... 
OBITS are powered by ALL profits generated by our exchange network( in full and all others step by step added to the OBITS revenue stream). The profits will be used monthly to buyback the token and by doing so reduce its supply...forcing the price to go up. 
Ventures backing OBITS to date in parts or entirely: 
 †
 †
 † (more for information right now)
 †
 †
*[Please visit to have breakdown of OBITS distribution]
“Where Can I Buy OBITS?”
If you are interested in the opportunity to own OBITS and want to know more about it, Go to right now, scroll to the bottom and choose which option is the best for you to buy from.
If you are already a user of OpenLedger or CCEDK, you can buy OBITS from there too.
We believe OBITS is just the beginning of a second generation of innovation in the cryptocurrency space. We aim to empower individuals to experience true financial independence. To break the shackles and bondages that keep people chained to a financial system that enslave them.
Our goal is to make our services as easy to use as the legacy financial system but with the added bonus of earning from the proceeds.
We invite you to join us in this revolution, for a safer and more prosper future.

First buy-back planned for 1 February, 2016 
20% of the total supply of OBITS will available for pre-sale and a further 50% will be offered on 1 December at public launch, making 70% available at this stage. If all 70% is sold by the end of December 2015, the first buy-back will take place on 2 January 2016. Otherwise, the buy-back will take place on 1 February 2016, regardless of how much has been sold at this point of time. 
Profits included in the first buy-back will include income generated since the launch of platform, covering a period of time from 13 October 2015 up to the day of buy-back, and will also include profits from referral income to OpenLedger (a total of 80% including transaction fees, with the remaining 20% being network fees). 
It will also include profits from trading, deposit and withdrawal fees, as well as anything else that can be considered profits generated from the platform where registrar OpenLedger (aka CCEDK) is involved. 
The first buy-back – one to watch 
It is likely that the first buy-back will be the most important and possibly the largest. Funds obtained from private and public sales will be used proactively for marketing and development of the OpenLedger platform to make constant improvements, with the intention of making it the Number 1 choice of trading platform for users worldwide. A growing interest in OpenLedger will increase overall fees generated on the platform, indirectly supporting a healthy increase in OBITS’ valuation. If there are no sell orders at the time of the monthly buy-back, any unspent revenues will be held and included in the buy-back the following month, and so on. 
The ultimate aim is to make OpenLedger – and therefore also OBITS – a product worthy of long- term investment, naturally increasing in value due to progressive improvements in the platform, thereby benefiting users as well as OBITS holders. 

Buy-back options: BTS and BTC 
A large amount of fees are generated in BitShares(BTS). In order to accommodate the interests of outside parties, as well as reflecting the fact that a certain amount of trading on OpenLedger is also conducted in bitcoin, as an extra incentive the buy-back will be split between BTS (90%) and BTC (10%). 
BitShares 2.0 is an industrial-grade financial smart contract platform, as well as the name of the associated cryptocurrency itself. 

How do I buy OBITS? 
Pre-sale: up to 30 November 2015 
1. Ask for today’s rate by emailing, or create an order request on the OBITS website 
2. Send your order in BTS, OPENBTC or OPENLTC to account ccedkbts, making sure to write buy OBITS in the memo 
3. For BTC orders, send funds to 17FuUu5Dy4fUumidhNWJhX6KVktSi9YHhp and send an email to CCEDK using the above address, including the tx id and your BTS address for receipt 
4. Your order will be sent from the OBITS account named OBITS to the sender address (BTS) or address otherwise specified 
5. It is possible to buy OBITS presale with Bitcoin (BTC), BitShares (BTS), [b]Litecoin (LTC)[/b], Peercoin (PPC), DASH, DOGE, NuBits – always a dollar (NBT) and Etherum (ETH) and the fiat currencies EUR, USD, CNY. If you want to buy in any of these currencies ask for details and address of payment. 
Public sale: 1 December 2015 
1. Visit the OBITS website to find out which exchanges offers OBITS tokens 
2. Use these exchanges to buy from sell orders created on OBITS markets, including BTC/OBITS, OBITS/BTS, other cryptocurrencies and fiat pairs. 
Useful links for more more information: 


Thursday, November 5, 2015

We recently reached out to Bitcoin core-developer Gavin Andresen for some feedback on CryptoVoter’s proposal to hold a Bitcoin [BTC] shareholder-style blockchain vote to poll coin holders on whether to increase the maximum transaction blocksize and he kindly responded with some helpful feedback. (see

After careful consideration of Gavin Andresen’s response, we believe that CryptoVoter’s Shareholder-style Blockchain Voting proposal would be most effective for use with alternative cryptocoins and private-blockchains, and inappropriate for use on the Bitcoin blockchain because it would require long-term Bitcoin holders to move secured coins out of cold storage, hardware wallets and multisig protected addresses in order to vote.

Even though the CryptoVoter voting client is open-source and users’ coins remain secure throughout the voting process, we believe it would be reckless to ask large Bitcoin holders to take their coins out of secure storage to cast non-binding votes.

Accordingly, CryptoVoter is cancelling the upcoming Bitcoin [BTC] blockchain vote on whether to increase the maximum blocksize.  Instead, we will focus on utilizing CryptoVoter’s shareholder-style blockchain voting on smaller altcoins (like Bitcoin-sCrypt [BTCS]) and private blockchains.

Since CryptoVoter’s founding, our goal has been to help strengthen the Bitcoin ecosystem and while we intend to still move forward with our mission to decentralize Cryptocoin development, we want to do so in a responsible way that encourages Bitcoin best-practices when it comes to security and Bitcoin storage.  We hope our supporters understand.

As a self-funded startup this decision to cancel Bitcoin blockchain voting is very costly financially, but we believe it is for the greater good.   (On a side note, if you support this decision, want to help, or are just feeling generous, please consider sending a donation our way:  1P7e62V3fgqcV2gpPchTr8Wz7uUZ22uRRi)

Thanks for understanding our decision and  we look forward to continuing our work on decentralizing Cryptographic currency development.

Friday, October 16, 2015


The “cryptocurrency model” is done by consensus. 

Without you we cannot exist as a community – Thank you for your Support!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Join us on October 7th for Here’s To You Day.
ChangeTip invites you to help us make tomorrow, October 7, extra special for someone who is special to YOU.

Join us on Twitter and let someone know that you appreciate them by tipping them a beer or a bite to eat, and then let them know why. Not only will this make their day, but it could also make yours.

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And if you include the hashtag #HeresToYou, you’ll be entered to win one of these three special prizes! (Contest rules apply; winners will be contacted directly and announced on social media.)
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  • Snacks for your favorite primetime season premiere ($30 value)
Show the people in your life that they deserve more than a like and are better than a share. Join us tomorrow in saying “Here’s to you!”
Learn more about Here’s To You Day

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 Releases Skeleton Exchange Tool for In-site Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Websites owners can now offer buy/sell option to users straight from their site

SWITZERLAND (09/30/2015) has released the ShapeShift Skeleton tool, enabling any website to allow instant purchase or sale of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. The tool allows for exchanges to be made by a site’s users without them leaving the site.
Skeleton’s code is free and open-source and offers a template that is customizable, giving integrators the ability to brand the tool with their own assets and colors., a market data website, used Skeleton to let users buy leading cryptocurrencies directly from its list of coins on the homepage. See this example here.
All information needed to utilize Skeleton can be found on the GitHub link: adds Skeleton to a suite of innovative tools that includes the Shifty Button, a merchant processing widget, and the Lens Plugin, a web extension enabling leading cryptocurrencies to be paid to any Bitcoin address on a webpage.
For more information on how the ShapeShift Skeleton tool works, watch the short demo video here.
ShapeShift is how digital currency exchange should work. From start to finish users can convert digital currencies in seconds, with no account required. No emails or passwords. No lengthy sign­up process. No accounts. No friction. ShapeShift's goal is to be the fastest, safest, and most convenient way to trade digital assets. See more at:

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Posted by Sambiohazard

Yesterday I watched a live episode of “Chris Before Coffee” on Youtube. It turned out to be a class on social and political aspect of Bitcoin. This Hangout was broadcast from a “bitcoin squat” in London. Among other developers and bitcoin enthusiasts, there was Amir Taaki. He is the developer behind Dark Wallet. He is an Anarchist and has pretty different, or should I say, a more true perception of what bitcoin is. He shared lots of his thoughts and I recommend everyone to watch this podcast. In my opinion, it is the answer to the most important question of all “What is Bitcoin?” I asked two questions during the podcast. Amir’s answers helped me improve my understanding of how decentralization works and why this experiment in decentralization called Blockchain will fail or succeed. 

My first question was about “Mining Centralization”. Pretty much anyone who cares about Bitcoin is worried about 3-4 major pools accounting for majority of mining power. I am worried that as merger & acquisition in the industry grows, we might see a lot of hashrate in the hand of people with lots of fiat money. Although, Amir’s answer showed me how a minority of miners can be manipulated/coerced for attacking the network. 
The biggest takeaway for me from his answer was that Bitcoin protocol or Blockchain is only a set of rules that shows you the way, but it is you, a participant in the network, who have to apply these rules to achieve decentralization. The decentralization gives you the power to own yourself but it also comes with responsibilities which you have to take. The responsibility to secure your own money/data, responsibility to keep the network alive. So, to keep decentralization and your freedom alive, you have to leave the comfort and ease provided by centralized power structures along with the loss of liberty and own up to the responsibility that comes with power of decentralization. 
My second question was about “Decentralized Decision Making”. The idea in my head was voting on features through our wallet softwares. But Amir’s answer opened my eyes. It drew me out of my comfortable assumption that if enough people want a feature then developer has to implement it or developers can decide on which features people should vote on. That is democracy, a broken system as all of us know. He said that development is a process and an iterative one. If you want to influence the development then you have to get involved in the discussion via various channels. Decentralized decision making can work only if you are ready to invest time and resources into the process. 
Again, you have to take responsibility and get involved in the good, the bad and the ugly of a development decision. You cannot sit in comfort of your twitter feed and just click on a button to take decision or influence others to tag along with you. You have to reason with the community, listen to their feedback, and reason again until it is proven that what you are proposing will take everyone forward. You have to fill your place in the decentralized whole. 
So, if you want to claim that you have a right to freedom that comes with decentralization, then you also have to fulfill the responsibility that keeps that freedom alive. As Uncle Ben said

“With great power, comes great responsibility.”

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Thank you for using

We will be removing the following wallets on November 1st, 2015. Once removed, we will not be able to retrieve your funds. Please remove all coins ASAP. Note, that some of these coins have broken blockchains where we will not be able to send coins.

No exceptions will be made once the wallets are removed.

Symbol Coin Name 
16BIT 16bitcoin 
BOOM BoomCoin 
BTM Bitmark 
BUCKS GorillaBucks 
CAM CamorraCoin 
CHASH CleverHash 
CXC CheckOutCoin 
CYP Cypher 
DCC DarkCrave 
DOX DoxCoin 
EKN Elektron 
EPY Empyrean 
EQM Equalibrium 
EVENT EventToken 
GIZ GizmoCoin 
GPH GraphCoin 
GRID GridPay 
GSX GlowShares 
HAL Halcyon 
HAP Hashpay 
HUGE BigCoin 
LUX BitLux 
MNE Munne 
NANAS BananaBits 
PRE Premium 
QTZ Quartz 
RZR Razor 
SFR SaffronCoin 
SIGU Singular 
STV SativaCoin 
SYNC SyncCoin 
WATER CleanWaterCoin
XMS MegaStake 
ZRC ZiftrCoin 

If you have coins in these wallets, please remove them by that date. Coin retrieval after the removal date will not be possible. Thank you for your time and for trading at

Best regards,
Bittrex Team

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

San Francisco, September, 22nd 2015

Stampery has been chosen to participate to the main Tech event in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, the “Tech Crunch Disrupt” Battlefield.

“We are very proud to be able to launch Stampery, the XXIst century’s notary, in the US in
such a prestigious event. Stampery solves data certification problems, let them be documents
emails, contracts, creations etc.. with a technology developed on the bitcoin blockchain
protocol, one of the most advanced technology today” says Luis Ivan Cuende, startup co founder and CTO.

Stampery allows individuals and companies to certify any type of data generating accurate, reliable and immutable proofs of existence, integrity and ownership. The product is a HTML5 service, a native iOS app will be launched shortly, and an API. Anyone can access, register and use the service for free, and Premium customers have access to the PRO plan at 9,99 euro a month that enable them to certify up to 1.000 documents per month. Larger companies have tailored plans per users and certificates.

The first users teststing the service, currently over 700, principally in legal departments, creative economy, marketing and creative agencies, are able to use the platform as a certification base or use the storage service offered in each plan.
“The bitcoin/blockchain as of today is regarded like the internet was regarded in the 90’s, with 
great potential. Our product is a non financial bitcoin application because it uses its 
extraordinary features to generate reliable and unforgeable proof of anything that
has occurred and that has generated a digital register. The proof of existence
integrity and ownership that Stampery generates is valid globally, unchangeable, and can be
verified by any independent third party in a question of seconds. This is revolutionary because today maths and not trust in a central authority allows us to verify that something has 
occurred in a certain moment in time. Because of its decentralized characteristics, the 
blockchain is completely safe being protected by the most powerful network of computers in the
world” explains Daniele Levi, the company CEO.

Stampery has developed a unique technology for scalability that is in the process of 
an international patent. This will permit millions of certifications per second.

“Our original scalability solution - says Luis Ivan, 19 years old, and one of the most recognised
hackers in Europe - allows us to be extremely ambitious and to integrate Stampery’s 
functionality with hundreds of other services, like for example with Dropbox who already has
400 million users”

The team that created Stampery is now on their third project in the bitcoin/blockchain
field, and they have been selected amongst more than 1.000 startups to be presented in 
San Francisco´s TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield. A beta of the product was launched in May this year, and has participated in the 
international intensive acceleration programme Menorca Millennials in its first edition. 

“Thanks to Menorca Millennials we have had made some incredible contacts - Daniele 
says - and this is bringing forward new interesting business. With Menorca Millennials a new 
model, very innovative, open to the world is being created, it puts together international talent
with mentors on the highest levels and investors from all over the world.”

TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco (, was celebrated from the
21st to the 23rd of September 2015. TechCrunch Disrupt brings together more than 1,500
first level innovative tech and investors, as well as 150 startups, The format envisages 
conferences by top entrepreneurs and important figures that are creating the development
of emerging startups. Startup Battlefield is celebrated in the afternoons, 30 innovative 
companies, one of them being Stampery, are presented for the first time, competing over --
50.000 USD, exhibiting their capabilities along with another 120 startups in the Startup Alley.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

LakeBTC: GBP, JPY deposits and withdrawals are available! 

May you know, LakeBTC had launched BTCGBP and BTCJPY trading a month ago, users can trade GBP and JPY even if they don't have the real GBP or JPY. So user also could't deposit / withdrawa GBP or JPY. 

But this bad experience ended today, LakeBTC has opened deposits and withdrawal for GBP and JPY. You can only use domestic banker transfer to do it for now, but more local payment methods will added in the future, like mobile pay, credit card pay etc, as long as they are popular/cheap/fast for certain groups of people, please tell us (@LakeBTC) what kind of payments are popular in place you lived. 

Also, not only USD, CNY, GBP, JPY, LakeBTC would also like to support more currencies in the world. For example, a small preview of LakeBTC next step, BTCEUR trading is coming!

About LakeBTC
LakeBTC project was started in early 2013 as a virtual bitcoin exchange initially for traders and other financial professionals. Now LakeBTC is run by a private company, Lake Investments Limited, and the financial status etc is not public information. Security, liquidity, and service are three strengths that make LakeBTC stand out of the crowd. 

Thank you for choosing!
THE Bitcoin Exchange

Friday, September 11, 2015

ShapeShift Completes $1.6M Funding Round

Next-Generation Digital Currency Exchange Reports 100x Growth in Volume Since Opening Last Summer; Round Led by Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group and Roger Ver, Participants Include World’s Largest Bitcoin Exchange and Prominent Angels

SWITZERLAND- September 9, 2015 –, a next-generation, non-custodial, instant exchange service for Bitcoin and digital assets, today announced the completion of its funding round of $1.6 million USD. The round was led by Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group and Roger Ver, and included participation by leading exchange Bitfinex, Bitcoin Capital (Max Keiser and Simon Dixon), Mardal Investments, and top industry angels, including Bruce Fenton, Trevor Koverko and Michael Terpin.

Since its inception in August 2014, the cryptocurrency exchange led by CEO and Bitcoin industry pioneer Erik Voorhees has registered 100x growth, achieving over $2m USD-equivalent volume in July alone.  

“ShapeShift demonstrated an entirely new way to think about asset exchange,” said Zane Tackett, Director of Community and Product Development at Bitfinex, “It's like Google Translate for digital currencies. We've known Erik for a while now and he's knocked it out of the park with this one. We're very excited about the partnership.”

ShapeShift has positioned itself as the fastest way for humans and machines to exchange digital assets, and the company pioneered “consumer protection by design,” building the first exchange that didn’t require the deposit of user funds. Unlike every other exchange, ShapeShift is “non-custodial,” meaning it doesn’t hold customer money, a feature that is impossible in traditional finance.

Living up to its strict “No Fiat” policy, the company operates on cryptocurrency, paying all salaries, server costs, marketing, and legal expenses with Bitcoin.

At the moment, over 40 leading digital currencies and assets are available, including Bitcoin, Counterparty, Ripple, Monero, and the highly anticipated Ethereum. Over 940 direct trading pairs are supported, more than any other exchange.

The round includes convertible note contributions announced earlier this year.

ShapeShift is how digital asset exchange should work. From start to finish, users can convert in seconds, with no account required. No emails or passwords. No lengthy sign­up process. No accounts. No friction. ShapeShift's goal is to be the fastest, safest, and most convenient way to trade digital assets. See more at:

About Digital Currency Group:
Digital Currency Group (DCG) is accelerating the development of a better financial system. We build and support bitcoin and blockchain technology companies by leveraging our insights, network, and access to capital. DCG has been an active seed investor in the digital currency industry with over 50 investments in 15 countries. Learn more at

All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their registered owners.

Media contact:, ShapeShift company contact:

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Introducing Coinut Bitcoin Options Exchange


Bitcoin is a very volatile investment. Coinut offers people the ability to hedge their investment and profit in both bullish or bearish market. Coinut offers the first liquid exchange to offer vanilla and binary options trading.

The price of Bitcoin can drop very fast. To hedge the risk, you can buy a PUT option so that you will get 100% compensation if the price drops. More interestingly, if the price goes up, you can ignore the PUT option you buy and still enjoy the upside profit chance.

Our binary options is different from existing up/down binary options in the sense that you can choose different strike prices, which makes our binary options a trading tool instead of a gambling game. Also, you can trade volatility if you don’t know in which direction the market will go.

We were recently featured on Bitcoin Rush in the video below.
Xinxi Wang founder and CEO of Coinut
If you have any questions, concerns, feedback or would like to speak with the Coinut team we would be glad to talk with you. Email

Follow us on Twitter at @coinut_options, or like us on Facebook and let us know how we're doing. We are always looking for feedback.

Join PICISI community

Crowdfunding from Aug 31 to Sept 15 to fund construction of our innovative  crowdfunding site. Buy Pi (NUMUS) with any currency.  

1) we are currently in the process of doing a crowdfunding (CF) campaign to raise funds to construct our crowdfunding site.  You can learn more about the campaign here:…

2) PICISI started as a direct result of problems experienced by a cryptocurrency (CC) community conducting  a CF campaign at indiegogo.  Indiegogo didn't accept CC, didn't provide adequate exposure of the campaign, and was less than hospitable overall.

3) PICISI is a crowdfunding plan, and a project, that will be a site in about 15 days. Depending on the amount of funds we raise for site construction it will either be what we designed or some generic CF site until we are able to afford the custom site.   The PICISI plan calls for the following:

a)  crowdfunding site that accepts fiat and cryptocurrency
b)  lots of sponsors, mainly cryptocurrency communities however could be other entities as well.  There are essentially 10 different sponsorship opportunities: host currency sponsors, perk sponsors, video sponsor, ...  
c)  promotion contractors, these are self-employed people from all over the world that do PICISI assignments satisfactorily and are paid with Pi (NUMUS).
d)  campaign contractors, these are self-employed people who work for individual campaign organizers while PICISI escrows funds,  work could be from create, develop, or promote campaign.
e)  PICISI issued currency, Pi (currency code NUMUS) is what PICISI used to pay Admins, promotion contractors, and and anyone else.  Fiat earnings are used to "rebuy" Pi on the open market, when this is done funds are usually purchased at a higher rate than they were issued. The currency is expected to be really strong because the rebuy plan removes currency from the commodity market and uses it primarily as a currency.
We hope to attach a debit card to it at some time.

Every campaign that is approved to run a campaign at PICISI is guaranteed to receive some funding, some sponsorship, and some publicity -- no one walks away with nothing.

It's a very complex plan that requires a strong community as well as a strong admin.

Once PICISI is up and running contractors from all over the world would be able to raise funds for inventions, startups, and ideas, and Promotion Contractors from all over the world would be able to promote PICISI, PiCISI sponsors, and PICISI campaigns to earn Pi.  Fiat earnings from PICISI will buy PI and so on.  The only time PICISI sells Pi is for major expenditures eg: startup costs, and international operational licenses.


Friday, August 28, 2015

The search is over.

HolyTransaction is the universal cryptocurrency wallet with instant exchange.

Get set up in minutes.
You don't need a bank account. >

Friday, August 14, 2015

Blockchain Based Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeit Technology

August Update 
BlockVerify has decided to attend Boost VC in San Mateo California. We are proud to be part of Tribe 6 and have been using this opportunity to accelerate the development of BlockVerify. We are preparing for demo day in late October.

Our BlockVerify Application is close to beta launch. Our development team has been working hard to get the Android and iOS applications ready for the market. We have been testing transactions and expect it to be ready for private testing by late August. Below are some screenshots our our new app.

Monday, August 10, 2015 Pioneers Ethereum on its Digital Asset Exchange
“Ether” now available for instant exchange with Bitcoin and others

SWITZERLAND, August 10, 2015 – has integrated the highly-anticipated Ethereum digital asset onto its instant exchange platform. Customers anywhere in the world can now buy or sell “ether” instantly along with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and several dozen other digital assets through  There is no signup process nor account required to use ShapeShift.

Bitcoin’s success has inspired a number of competing and complementary blockchain-based platforms. The most anticipated among them, Ethereum, which has been in development since 2013, shattered crowdfunding records last year when it raised over $18 million.

“Ethereum is a wild project and will likely change software architecture in the same manner that Bitcoin is changing financial architecture,” explained Erik Voorhees, ShapeShift’s CEO. “The two projects are beautiful compliments to each other.”

The Ethereum platform is designed to enable advanced software development upon a decentralized architecture. Where Bitcoin was designed specifically as money, Ethereum attempts to apply true peer-to-peer principles to scripts and applications themselves. If successful, many future software products will not exist on a central server, but within the Ethereum blockchain, making them censorship-resistant and trustless. Augur, the world’s first decentralized prediction market, is one of the first high-profile projects built upon Ethereum.

By including Ethereum’s digital token on ShapeShift, software developers and users can immediately exchange between “Ether” and assets like Bitcoin or Litecoin, bringing seamless liquidity to the ecosystem.

Note on confirmations taking up to 25 hours  (note: I think this isn’t appropriate for press release (too technical), but should be emphasized clearly in the blog post and social media)

“On a personal note, I’m very appreciative of the hard work that the ShapeShift development team has put into making the Ether listing a reality,” said George Hallam, Business & Partnership Director at Ethereum.

Companies and individuals can immediately utilize the ShapeShift website or API to convert between Ether and most other leading digital assets such as Bitcoin, with no account needed.


ShapeShift is a crucial piece of infrastructure in the world of Bitcoin. From start to finish, users can exchange digital currencies in seconds, with no account required. No emails or passwords. No lengthy sign­up process. No accounts. No bid and ask orders. No friction. ShapeShift's goal is to be the fastest, safest, and most convenient way to swap digital assets. See more at:

About Ethereum:

Ethereum is a decentralised platform featuring stateful user-created programs (“contracts”) described by a Turing-complete virtual machine code. Ethereum uses its underlying token (“ether”) to account for computational costs of the execution of Ethereum contracts.

Ethereum is a network for powering decentralised application in need of a secure transaction ledger that can be used to securely execute a wide variety of services including: voting systems, domain name registries, financial exchanges, crowdfunding platforms and many more. Learn more about Ethereum at