Wednesday, September 16, 2015

LakeBTC: GBP, JPY deposits and withdrawals are available! 

May you know, LakeBTC had launched BTCGBP and BTCJPY trading a month ago, users can trade GBP and JPY even if they don't have the real GBP or JPY. So user also could't deposit / withdrawa GBP or JPY. 

But this bad experience ended today, LakeBTC has opened deposits and withdrawal for GBP and JPY. You can only use domestic banker transfer to do it for now, but more local payment methods will added in the future, like mobile pay, credit card pay etc, as long as they are popular/cheap/fast for certain groups of people, please tell us (@LakeBTC) what kind of payments are popular in place you lived. 

Also, not only USD, CNY, GBP, JPY, LakeBTC would also like to support more currencies in the world. For example, a small preview of LakeBTC next step, BTCEUR trading is coming!

About LakeBTC
LakeBTC project was started in early 2013 as a virtual bitcoin exchange initially for traders and other financial professionals. Now LakeBTC is run by a private company, Lake Investments Limited, and the financial status etc is not public information. Security, liquidity, and service are three strengths that make LakeBTC stand out of the crowd. 

Thank you for choosing!
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