Monday, March 2, 2015

Darkcoin - The Private E-Cash-Solution 

Ladies and gentlemen, Bitcoin Rush recently published an exclusive Darkcoin episode [ ] which includes an extensive interview with Evan Duffield, THE main developer of Darkcoin. We discussed the need for privacy - or anonymity - and why this is so important to the crypto-currency user. 
It was a real pleasure to meet Evan and have had the amazing opportunity to talk to one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the crypto space. We discussed many different topics and it became clear, Darkcoin - with all it’s associated technologies - fills important needs to offer us an instant, secure and private e-cash-solution. 

Darkcoin started as a fork of Litecoin and now it's a fork of Bitcoin. - and the idea was to bring anonymity by a process called “Coin-Mixing”. They created a secondary peer-to-peer network, from which Master-nodes were born. Master-nodes are constantly mixing coins so you can’t tell anymore where they originally come from. A peculiar advantage when it comes down to attaining anonymity. Evan emphasized that it is impossible to achieve 100% anonymity at current time, but with Master-nodes and Darksend it is getting as close to that as anyone could. Darksend is the technology that Master-nodes use to mix the coins. This process makes it irrelevant to trust humans running the system, where they would have to destroy the original crypto key to achieve the same result as Darksend. With Master-nodes and Darksend, we have a complete trust-less system, meaning that no trust is required to maintain anonymity. And by the way, privacy makes it safer from thieves. 

Another advantage of Darkcoin is its tremendous speed of transaction. All coins need miners to secure the network, but with Darkcoin’s Master-nodes, the transaction can be verified in seconds and easily committed to the blockchain. This all is successfully done by using their latest technology: InstantX. InstantX is as fast as a credit card and as private as cash. And with now over 2000 Master-nodes running, the Darkcoin network is already mature. People have invested substantial amounts of money to create their Master-nodes, which strongly shows a lot of faith and support from the community. 

Yes, Darkcoin is ready for mass adoption. It’s the perfect e-cash solution. Merchants are now welcome to accept and take advantage of a revolutionary technology. Darkcoin being as instant and private as it is, does not even need ATM’s anymore, avoiding all legalities involved using them. And best of all, merchants don't have to set up a new system. Darkcoin includes merchant services and merchant tools, easily convertible for the use of Darkcoin. Their system is compatible with everyone’s existing technology. 

Darkcoin is a tested system - providing dependable anonymity - it’s trust-less in a very good way - fast enough to compete with credit cards. Its time for some true anonymity in our crypto-coins. I belief that getting transactions to go through in seconds really is the next step to gaining worldwide acceptance and usage of e-currency - not only online - but in stores, theaters, restaurants, train stations, and, and, and…


  1. Nice write-up, Rush! Am I to understand that you now hold Darkcoin?

  2. OFC he is holdind Darkcoins ;)

    a blind man can see what is going on with Darkcoin

  3. Darkcoin is in my top 3 favorite coins. This coin has a lot of future potential as far as innovation and mainstream use.

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